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Your Azure cPanel Server


Contact: deep gohil

Company: Default Directory

Email: deepinplotsify@gmail.com

Account Type: Managed cPanel Premier Edition


Your cPanel server is being setup. Please allow up to 10 minutes for all software and updates to install.

Next Step 1:

Please note, cPanel licensing is based on your Public IP address . Please make sure your server’s public IP is set to Static and NOT Dynamic.

Once setup is complete,please login at https://support.media3.net to complete the cPanel license portion of setup if it did not automatically get licensed on creation.
Login Info:
Username: deepinplotsify@gmail.com
Temporary Support Password: beam*jumbo62=Qwerty1

Full support is also provided from our dashboard. Please open a ticket under the support section if you need any assistance.

Next Step 2:
To activate full support, please add our Azure Service Provider Managed Offer here
There is no additional charge, this service is included with your managed server but is a necessary step to allow us access to provide full support and assist you in managing your server.

Logging into cPanel

cPanel Login

You can log into your cPanel interface and to the server with SSH using the credentials provided during the Azure setup process. The username and password is the one you put into the Azure portal when ordering the VM with cPanel. If you do not know what that is, go to the VM in the Azure portal, and then scroll down to password reset. Enter in the username and a new password and submit that.

Thank You, The Media3 Team

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